We talk about ‘patina’ a lot as we deal with copper.  It’s no different than the rusty fenders on an old truck (just a different type of metal).   The photo above gives us a great side-by-side comparison to look at while we compare.

Aluminum markers do patina, but it’s about the same color as the raw metal.  If you don’t use an aluminum marker for awhile, it will look a little dull.  Put it in your pocket for a round of golf, and the shine will come back.

In the photo above, you’ll see a few aluminum markers – the one that has skulls and says ‘PARRR’ has been sitting for awhile and look a bit more dull than the other aluminum markers.

Copper is a different story!  In the photo, the ‘DROP BOMBS’ marker with flames and the newly restored ‘BIRDIE MACHINE’ marker are freshly torched and will keep that color for quite some time as long as they are displayed and not handled.

The ‘BIRDIE BOMB’ pattern marker and the ‘CASH IS KING’ marker are fairly new, but have been used and are just starting to show some signs of patina.

Then we have the two ‘TOUR SAUCE’ markers and the ‘KEEP CALM DROP BOMBS’ marker.  Those have seen a lot of use, and have a really good patina established!

So there you have it – with some visual comparison to help.  This pic may also help you decide on paint fill colors.  You can see in the pics how some colors may look better (or at least they are more visible) on different backgrounds.

If you still have questions or comments, send a message!  I’m always happy to help!


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